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What is a Message Filter and how do I create one?

If you are only interested in messages from members who meet certain criteria, you can create a Message Filter so that only these messages are displayed in your Inbox. Messages from members who don't meet your criteria will be automatically moved to your Filtered folder. You may want to check your Filtered folder occasionally to make sure you are not missing messages from members you are interested in. Messages in your Filtered folder are automatically deleted after 2 months.

Follow these steps to create or edit your Message Filter:

1. Click here, or choose "Messages" and then "Filter Settings" from the menu on your member home page
2. Choose the criteria of members you want to receive messages from
3. Click the "Submit" button


Messages from members who do not meet your filter criteria are now automatically moved to your Filtered folder. Your Inbox will now only show messages from members who meet your filter criteria.

You can turn your filter on and off from your Inbox by clicking the button next to "INBOX" at the top of the page. The button will be red and display "FILTER IS OFF" if the filter is off. It will be green and display "FILTER IS ON" if the filter is on.