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Thank you ChinaLoveCupid!

I am from India and found my Chinese wife on this site. Thank you ChinaLoveCupid, for helping me find my Life Partner, I have really found a loving, caring, understanding,and most of all a very gentle wife. I would definately recomend this site as a stepping stone to your married life, to find your perfect match. Yes Chinese girls are very pretty. Thank you ChinaLoveCupid for my pretty and loving wife. We are going to have baby soon this year of the dragon. 

Thank you ChinaLoveCupid!

We are to people who came to ChinaLoveCupid to find true love. We started emailing each other in March. By April we knew we had found what we were looking for. We both wanted the same things in life. We both were missing that one person to pull everything in life together. By the end of April I started planning a trip to China. All the while getting to know each other better and better. We fell in love fast. When you meet the right one it can all happen fast. I planned a trip to China August13 to August 21. It was literally the best 9 days of our adult lives. We bonded better than anyone we have ever met. The Chemistry between us was better than anything we have ever known. We were in love before I got there. Being there solidified everything. We were so happy together. We realized we did not want to be apart any longer. We are starting the process to get a fiance visa next week. We are so excited about our future. It is hard to put into words what has happened between us. It has been a beautiful thing that was meant to be. We are so in love with each other. Thank you ChinaLoveCupid. With out this service none of this would have been possible. Best wishes to everyone looking for their soul mate. Michael & Yali 

Thanks ChinaLoveCupid!



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We are both very lucky!

Found my True love here. We are both very lucky!

Thank you for now Its all about her

Thank you for now Its all about her.. More later.. I thank you so so much